Golf-Club Schloss Breitenburg e.V.

Liebe Gäste, liebe Clubmitglieder,

wir freuen uns, Sie auf unserer schönen Anlage begrüßen zu dürfen und wünschen Ihnen einige schöne Stunden auf unserem Platz.

Nachfolgend finden Sie unsere Platzregeln, die einen reibungslosen Spielablauf gewähren sollen. Zugleich möchten wir Sie herzlich um die Beachtung der Etikette bitten, damit allen die Freude an unserem schönen Sport erhalten bleibt.

Die Platzregeln ergänzen die gültigen Golfregeln des Deutschen Golfverbandes, sie sind nicht als Ersatz zu verstehen.

Gespielt wird nach den offiziellen Golfregeln (einschließlich Amateurstatut) des Deutschen Golfverbandes mit folgenden Zusätzen:

Klicken Sie hier zum Download der Platzregeln.

Platzregeln des GC Schloss Breitenburg

  1. Conduct Guidelines (Rule 1.2)

Every player is required to act within the “spirit of the game”. Misconduct includes:

  • Entering flower beds or the rhododendrons
  • Walking between greens and bunkers with your trolley
  • Not repairing pitch marks, leaving bunkers unraked or not replacing your divots

If the Committee concludes that the Conduct Guidelines have been severely disregarded, they reserve the right to penalize by disqualification (Rule 1.2)


  1. Out of bounds (OB Rule 18.2)

Out of bounds is displayed by white stakes and white lines marked on the ground. Where both lines and stakes are present the lines take priority.


  1. Penalty area

Penalty areas are displayed by yellow and red stakes or markers set into the ground. If both are present, the ground markers take priority.

    1. Penalty areas; provisional ball
      If a player is unsure if his ball landed within the penalty area, he is allowed to play a provisional ball on holes A3 and C3 (based on rule 18.3) to keep the pace of play up.
      In deciding if the provisional ball becomes the player's ball in play or if it must or may be abandoned, Rule 18.3c(2)and 18.3c(3) apply except that:

The original ball is found, within the allowed 3 minutes of search time, inside of the penalty area in which case the player is allowed to choose:
  -      to continue playing with his original ball in which case the provisional ball must not be played. All strokes with that provisional ball before it was abandoned (including strokes made and any penalty strokes solely from playing that ball) do not count, or

  -      continue playing with his provisional ball in which case the original ball must not be played.

  • When original ball Is not found within the allowed 3 minutes of search time, or Is known or virtually certain to be in the penalty area. The provisional ball becomes the player's ball in play.


  1. Unusual course conditions (Rule 16.1)

4.1 Ground under repair
Ground under repair is indicated with a closed white boundary line and/or blue stakes. If both are present, then the lines apply as the boundary. If the players ball or stance is within the area marked as ground in repair, they must take penalty free relief via rule 16.1 .

The following counts as ground under repair, even without the proper markers.

  • Freshly laid turf
  • Drainage ditches topped with gravel


4.2 Holes left by animals

The player is not entitled to relief, if only his stance is hindered by holes, rubble or paths left by animals.


4.3 Animal faeces

By choice of the player faeces can be handled either

  • Like a loose impediment, which can be removed via rule 15.1


  • Like ground under repair, from which free relief via rule 16.1 can be taken


4.4 Immovable impediments

Immovable impediments are:

  • Staked trees, or planted areas marked by stakes, ribbons or ropes
  • Distance markers (100m/150m/200m)
  • Green stakes at the fairway edge, that mark the green tees
  • Yellow or red ground plates that mark penalty areas

5. Dropping areas

a) if it is known or almost certain that a ball that has not been found, entered a penalty area around the greens on holes C3 and C8 (Island green), the player is allowed to:
  -     act by rule 17 (PA); or
  -     take relief within the closest dropping area for one penalty stroke.

The dropping zone on the island Green (C8) can only be used if your ball is known to have crossed any part of the Island, excluding the bridge onto the green.

b) if it is known or almost certain that a ball ended up within, or if the players stance or swing is compromised by, the rhododendrons or flower plantings by the greens on holes A9 and B9, the Player is obligated to:

  -     act by rule 16 (penalty free relief); or

  -     drop a ball inside of the dropping zone without penalty.

c) if it is known or almost certain that a ball ended up within a yellow penalty area (ditch) at the tee of hole B5, the player is allowed to:

  -     act by rule 17 (PA); or

  -     drop a ball inside of the dropping zone with a 1 stroke penalty.